Why I almost liked CLOUD ATLAS


This review will be as disjointed as CLOUD ATLAS itself which in fact wasn’t disjointed in the least considering time is not linear and the supposition that this movie review should be or is written in a procedural or linear manner is totally your perspective and I regret to inform, your perspective is an extremely transitory and a near irrelevant point unless you decided to throw me off the roof of my building.

In which case, I can see that though you may not have a valid point or that it is far too fleeting to be taken seriously, the punctuation in and of itself is of value. The punctuation being my body slamming into the pavement after being thrown from the balcony of a building.

Yet even then, it matters little since I will be reborn with small differences to my nose or hair that will make me completely unidentifiable to all of history and anyone of any consequence.

Suicide is pointless is the thought that comes to mind unless of course you believe that the significance of your suicide is done from a warm and fuzzy place in your heart, then and only then will the time stream of eternity allow someone who follows in your footsteps to thwart land mines of greed, violence, cruelty slavery and not very nice words at all from hurting you.

I read today that a woman in India was gang raped, then later died in the hospital. How it is possible in the year 2013 such an occurrence can still be happening while there is any level of human consciousness or accountability residing in anyone that was riding this particular bus. This bus carries with it a resonance to scurry all of mankind to it’s burning funeral spiral.

Yet this real occurrence could have been a scene from Cloud Atlas to drive home the relevance of the films question of HOW or WHY do we keep repeating the same ridiculous mistakes of horror and cruelty.

I hope you have the strength to read this review as difficult as it was for me to write it. Not because Cloud Atlas is bad , but because I am wringing the words from my hands with barbed wire gloves.

Cloud Atlas is a film spanning lives over many centuries or times that exist in the same space effecting each other through their actions and thoughts.

What the writers never arrive at but should allude to, is that we do not learn or evolve because there is NOTHING to learn from the negative. The EGO, the cruel, the violence and all it’s charming ways is solely for enjoyment and thrills for those that live such lives and thrills. Subjective perceptions of who is killing who and who are the good guys and who are the bad guys are situations best left to playing cowboys and Indians as children.

Cancer wreaks bodies and lives everyday and never asks who is good or bad, it merely answers like a whore giving you what you asked for but never wanted but you couldn’t choose otherwise because you’re dead.

And now onto the review, which has begun long ago but now will struggle to focus on the meanderings of being told a children’s story by a hopeful adult that leaves out all the little truths of life that make children run for the closets, hands over their eyes, crying.

violence tribal men, are they good men?

In Cloud Atlas, we follow the path of many characters, too many to list here because they are of little consequence, it’s the concepts they play out that is of import. This is one of the reasons why I felt so disconnected from all the characters. I felt nothing for any of them, because I was so fixated on the premise and seeking the reward of being a good listener.

When these directors talk I listen, to hell with Speed Racer, we all have one night stands we regret. Even when you forget to mention that reality in the MATRIX series is the same as the computer Matrix and Neo is seeing everything in ORANGE because it’s all as easily manipulated in reality as it was in the Matrix, if you’re Neo. And that the Superbrawl should have taken place right on the earthly plane. BOOM, You have have spoken the truth and changed to world forever! BUT NO, so on to Cloud Atlas.

Suffice to say the actors are very good, the make up is interesting and well executed and the special effects are sufficiently expensive.

Each character in it’s own time suffers their own pain and tribulations. From slavery, greed, persecution, and all types of violence that lead to murder or torture. Each have their own perspectives for their own truths and each character believes themselves to be the hero in the mental story of their lives.

The consequences of being kind are supposed to resonate through time as do the actions of violence. And those consequences have led to the irradiation or a horrible disaster on the earth and the human race to the point that escape is the only hope to avoid those effects.

The open heart speaks and are destroyed for speaking, but continue to speak to deaf ears because it must be said! Why? after centuries of repetition must anything be said to someone that is incapable of hearing or comprehend something that will take lifetimes upon lifetimes and the fact that your deaf in speaking your words while subjective good and bad shoot the same weapons in a mindless exercise of one aspect of the green hovering ego maniac attempting to dominate the other.

It’s the thrill of the ego to divide and fight, using false logic as it’s motivation.

So Cloud Atlas speaks it’s perspective the good and the bad, and the result are always the same.

At the end, the last recourse is to leave earth and all the insanity that can never evolve behind and go to a different planet. Start over, don’t build any guns. make round houses that look like breast. Hell make everything taste like mothers milk, obliterate the words that create concepts of violence.

Take George Orwell’s book 1984 damn serious and write your own Newspeak (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newspeak ) that will enlighten and thrill humans to beauty. Eliminate the words that create the thoughts that feed the ego and you will kill the action. And if someone suggests to invent a vehicle that runs on a piston that pushes through a cylinder and erupts a gas into a cavity to turn wheels, take that man behind a tree and do him and everyone else a favor.

Damn I forgot to talk about how useless love is and that it’s merely the dynamic opposite polarity of hate and idealizing it, is one of the reasons we are still trying to figure out why humanity learns nothing. Maybe next rewrite!

Now I am not saying this review is going to make alot of sense and I am sure I will be revisiting it many times in my life. To rewrite it when I have to strength to repeat what I have said a hundred thousand times before.

Suicide takes courage, this movie gave me that courage or at least reminded me of it.

And for that reason I almost liked it.

Now if I could just find an old fashioned English cast iron clawed tub and a worn German Luger, I know I would find the courage in the delusion that I was styling for at least one moment. and that has to help someone down the line.

3 thoughts on “Why I almost liked CLOUD ATLAS

  1. It seems that those who liked (or almost liked) CLOUD ATLAS reviewed in this sort of freeform fashion, while those that didn’t like (or hated) CLOUD ATLAS reviewed it in a very structured way, as they would review any major blockbuster.

    CLOUD ATLAS is, I think, a film that encourages immersion, rather than standing at a remove and trying to make a considered evaluation. I really enjoyed this review because you just wrote down what it made you feel, and I think that in its own somewhat grandiose way, CLOUD ATLAS is about acknowledging how we feel and respond to the world around us.


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