Upcoming: Finally a Sci fi movie that feels alien, UNDER THE SKIN.

Jonathan Glazer’s follow-up to his brilliant debut Sexy Beast. The British director has adapted Dutch-Scots writer Michel Faber’s 2000 novel Under the Skin.

under-the-skin-scarlett-johansson-movie-2013-jonathan-glazerScarlett Johansson’s an amazing beauty of an alien being and UNDER THE SKIN’S trailer looks very other worldly. After watching Superman’s laughable alien world of Krypton be nothing more than an Avatar projection. It’s really refreshing to see anything in cinema that has the remotest hope of bringing fresh imagery and conceptual work.

The trailer feels like Lynch’s Easerhead meets Marilyn Manson meets The Man Who Fell to Earth. The soundtrack sounds like wind or white noise. Scarlet plays a tempting alien and I have no idea what her agenda is if she has one. I know that mine is survival and so was Bowie’s. It’s possible that an aliens being first priority would be survival unless they were far superior. I am purposely staying away from review sites to see for myself the reveal onscreen. Something I do not often do.

It’s great to see Scarlett get out from under the Woody Allen treacherous umbrella of mimicry and into the Black Widow role, I am sure these gigs pay the bills. But I’m really interested in the side work Scarlett is doing and as an artist what extent she is willing to go to create art.

Under the Skin sees a woman traverse the Scottish highlands preying on unwary hitchhikersShe is an extremely interesting actress and this looks like her finding a role to stretch in and create with. Certainly Glazer is the director to do that with and I’m sure it must be refreshing after her last few outings.

Cinema is in a pit of recycled nonsense generated from the governing corporations. If the director of SEXY BEAST can’t save us now, who will? His command of imagery and story telling skill has been proven, so I am hopeful this feature will be worth viewing.

Venice Film Festival has been showing screenings. It’s certainly something to look forward to if you want something different to flicker into your eyes.

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