George Miller is at it again in his much publicized return to his original post apocalyptic trilogy MAD MAX. Nearly a year after the film’s shooting was completed, good just isn’t good enough for Miller and he has wrangled the principle cast back together for another 3 weeks of trying to grab the elusive footage Miller loves to hunt for.

Dear god, the trailer looks obscenely fantastic despite the endless explosions. Drool, watch repeat and drool. The original was a near mesmerizing event. This looks like the bar has been raised in emotional impact and the pain and pleasure, angst and horror realities of life.

Movie Mad max ROad Rage, starring Tom Hardy

Of course 3 weeks could easily turn into 6, in the outback time loses it’s meaning unless agents of actors fly in with schedules. Especially when the star of your picture is the much in demand Tom Hardy.

Hardy jumps into the Mel Gibson lead role and it certainly promises to be a wild ride in the hot outback with Hardy bringing his own style of heavyweight bad hombre to the landscape. Though I will admit to a real liking for the original Mel Gibson, MAX version. I think it will be a difficult act to follow, Mel had a truly great mixture of the sensitive and reluctant rage.

Though the addition of Charlize Theron does get my YUP going. I love the style and feminine guile she brings to every moment on screen. She can do no wrong in my eyes.

I am sure a lot of Polaroid’s were taken during the initial shoot or there is going to be some serious continuity issues and Miller doesn’t like loose ends. Let hope the script supervisor and all involved were prepared for this inevitability. And that the new footage gives Miller what he needs to catapult what promises to be a ravaging remake up on the screen asap.

For once I am all on board for a remake movie, bring it on. Call it the a prequel and that’s even better.

We all need Miller back in the Post apocalyptic drivers seat.

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