Why I loved THE ROAD

The Road, Viggo and son, travel the road south

THE ROAD is a beautiful sonnet to all that is precious in the world today from the eyes of tomorrow looking back after the earth and it’s people have lost everything. There will be times in life when you lose all you have worked for, there will be no saving yourself and you will die. If you are lucky, you will have something beautiful to remember as you close your eyes. I am not that lucky but happily Viggo is.

The quiet sombre eloquent statement this film makes without giving into a false tone of hope or humor, should be reviewed in the same manner. A man and his son travel south in hopes of sun and salvation. Let these brief moments speak truth.

Viggo defends his son with his bare heart and life.

Even at the end of times, a father and son are together.

Charlize realizes the new world, of desperate violence is no place to live.

Viggo must teach his son how to survive, before he dies.

Viggo’s memories of his loving wife fill his nights with solemn beauty.

Cannibals roam the woods and roads, it’s real life horror.

Duvall appears as a roaming aged blind king who see the child as an angel.

All that was taken for granted one day becomes a blessing, the hidden values of life.

A stranger steals all their goods, only to be caught and taught desperate lessons.

Found by another family on the beach with mother and children, an incredible hope after death.

One moment to remember his father, mother and all that was precious, now lost.

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