Upcoming: CAPTAIN AMERICA, WINTER SOLDIER. Will it be the American Film we need?

Thank you, to the gods above. Captain America is returning but this time it’s not going to be a joke the first installment was. First, Robert Redford brings his authenticity and style to the proceedings raising the bar of reality for Captain America, which is sorely needed to drag it into the realm of realism, out of comic book land as much as possible. How they convinced Redford to come onboard is beyond me, but brilliant casting.Captain America's Winter Soldier,  Scarlet is over the top pure beauty and charm plus danger.Next up, dear god in heaven, the glorious Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. I knew she would be back after her sterling performance in the lackluster Avengers. This time with  straight hair that renders her so far above magnificent, I am frightened that she will ruin all women on earth for me. I really look forward to the talent and guile she will bring to the movie, both in acting and sheer physical wonder.

Captain America's Winter Soldier,  Chris Evans is the definitive Cap but can he bring his character to life?They fixed Cap’s suit. Another Hail Mary answered with the redesign of Cap’s suit to a basic black, drawing inspiration from some of the more recent comic issues when Bucky took over as Cap, wearing a half black costume. It looks great on Chris Evans. It’s good to see the comics helmet that doesn’t translate well onto the screen being left off more often. Letting Steve Rogers shine through, more of a chance for Chris to shine his skills and bring Rogers to life.

Captain America's Winter Soldier,  Chris Evans is the definitive Cap but can he bring his character to life?I am really hoping that Evans pumps up Cap and we see some real character come out of him. Something along the lines of what Jim Steranko created in his incredible psychedelic stint as artist/writer of Shield comics and Captain America’s own title, from the 1960’s. Classic works not to be overlooked.

There is a rich history to these titles for Marvel to drink deeply from and if they manage to translate any of Steranko’s fantastic pencils and designs that read like movie story boards to the screen. Then Winter Soldier will be an incredible foray into spies, espionage and mind games. Though from the trailer footage I don’t see any of the deep blacks Steranko used in his frames.

Captain America's Winter Soldier,  The Falcon is in the building. Or leaving it by air.The Falcon is back! America has a rich black history and it’s very important that the Falcon is part of Cap’s world as he explores his new America and all it’s cultural depth. The meaning of America must be headlined or it will be a missed advantage that could raise Winter Soldier to credible heights. Being timely and relevant to current culture and still bringing the roots of America back to the forefront could propel Winter Soldier into a really important film. Dragging it out of the comics into cinema, from camp to real film making.

I have to say I am excited about the possibilites for Winter Soldier. Yet am concerned that the trailer seems to play up more of the brightly lit campy action. Than the film noir, spy thriller, back to American as the dream it once was, that I am hoping for.

Fingers crossed and my old comic books are being reread.

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