Upcoming: BLADERUNNER 2049

After Alien, Covenant. Be prepared for Scott’s next massive feast of destruction, BLADERUNNER 2049. It will be a pathetic caricature of the original. Totally bereft of any soul or meaning as Scott rewrites the significance of yet another historical film with his mindless hysterical swerving on the road to oblivion.

If Covenant’s poor Box Office is any indication. Bladerunner will bring in far less money than the poor monies of the original and hopefully studios will stop banking on self indulgent directors to lead their greatest franchises and find some new blood to inspire the culture of film instead of sabotaging it.

The casting of the Goose, Ryan Gosling. Locks the sequel into self imploding mode and foretells the destruction of a possible franchise. Gosling simply isn’t capable of the gravitas that Harrison Ford brought to the original.

And when you stick the Joker in it just for laughs, you’re begging for a short walk to the gallows. Jered Leto is going to just gush all over this movie with even less dignity than his Joker rendition in Suicide Squad. Get ready for over the top, fake cool.

Just what we needed in Bladerunner. If you think 2016 was a colossal stick in the eye, wait till 2017 gets a head of steam going.

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