Simon Pegg freaks the hell out in his costume of choice Y briefs.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything is a swirling kaleidascope of creative color, writing, and acting forming glorious malicious shapes in Jack’s (Simon Pegg) paranoid writers mind. A twisted imagination of contrived logic and deep rooted fears fling Jack rebounding in his twisty turvy Hackney flat. Shades of Tim Burton at his best, sadly gives way to a stuttering second half that discards a credible character build up only to squander the films potential with sudden collisions of loose threads and a simple minded ending. Continue reading

Why I almost liked OUT OF THE FURNACE

Out of the Furnace small town justice

Out of the Furnace is a sombre film driven by the hard life and quiet dignity of Russell Baze (Christian Bale) Working at a small town steel mill in the Northeast. Russell and his loving girlfriend Lena (Zoe Salanda) plan their lives together and weave hopes of a family. Russell’s father lies dying from working in the steel mill and still Russell is content to stay put and work till his end comes. Fresh and agitated from his Iraq tour Rodney Baze (Casey Affleck) Russel’s brother can’t keep down his rage. When Harian (Woody Harrelson) meets up with Rodney you know death will be knocking. Continue reading

Why I almost liked AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY

august osage county 71st golden globe nominations, dinner and blood torture

(Julia Roberts) Barbara Weston leans like a weeping tree on her usual acting quirks in AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. While her mother (Streep) Violet Weston rages on a pilgrimage of self destruction through pills and cancer while sipping her own venom as her wounded family gape at the sidelines waiting for an exit. The setup screams stage work, no one dares leave their marks and while Streep’s performance is somewhat impressive, there is very little likable about her character to warrant watching. Like her daughters, it’s a relief to finally leave the house.

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Why I almost liked THE BLING RING

The Bling Ring manifesto, Not hot, hot, hot, not hot, hot.The Bling Ring is a side ways glance of a shopping tour through famous Hollywood people’s homes for the curious and bored. A small crew of idle teens, wander from listless parties to bars, snapping selfies while ignoring school and parental confusion. To a final effect of nothing which is the direct result of nothing. Other than the redistribution of shopping skills, location, and a terrible display of teenagers unable to mix and match  their clothes.

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Why I almost liked OBLIVION

Tom Cruise Is oblivious in Oblivion.OBLIVION is Cruise’s third outing as JACK. Tom Cruise plays it very safe in the sci fi, almost thriller Valium yawner Oblivion. Jack is Tech 49, Jack fixes drones that protect Hydro rigs that are draining the Earth’s resources. An alien race has invaded Earth but lost the war leaving Jack and his Communications officer Vic in charge of a devastated planet. Until visitors arrive in Delta sleep waking memories and questions in Jack. With few natural moments of spontaneity from Cruise, it’s not enough to raise this ambitious Sci Fi out of limbo.

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McAvoy, Strong, friends, enemies, pawns?PUNCH’S stylish noir crime thriller, with deep blacks, brilliant edits and skilled visuals fails to deliver the knock out punch with a meandering script of few high points. The DI (Digital Intermediate) is brilliantly color corrected, contrast is perfectly balanced and the timing is impeccable. Ridley Scott has the movie production pipeline greased to the nines but still scrimps on the writers fees by shellacking the screen with crushed diamonds. Continue reading