the cut out near silent era nonsense of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Olde Piano roll please. THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is a self indulgent, quirky extravaganza teetering on the cusp of becoming a silent era soap opera for the senile. Unfortunately sound is available and used infinitely to elaborate through near constant voice overs reporting what is obvious, foretelling what further abuse the characters and viewers will be thrust upon.  Continue reading

Why I didn’t like IRON MAN 3

Iron man 3 poster, tony stark cant sleep so he build 52 useless armors.

IRON MAN 3 lacks any of the excitement, style and panache of the original. What’s missing most of all is IRON MAN himself. An empty suit of armor isn’t enough to generate the thrill of the original movie that made sparks fly and created an almost new genre of tech pron excitement, despite a poor third act. IM3 has TOO many empty suits of armor and too many empty plot holes left unfilled. Leaving IM3 misfiring all repulser rays, falling to the ground with an ringing empty thud, and the bad smell of fried circuits Continue reading

Why I didn’t like SKYFALL


SKYFALL’S Bond may look trim but he’s unfit for duty as is the dreary script.

I have always been a BOND aficionado, from the moment Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli and Harry Saltzman created Dr. NO, to now as Adele says THIS IS THE END in the much celebrated theme song for SKYFALL.

Daniel Craig lifted the BOND series to a lofty realm with masculine grit and piercing blue eyes not seen since Sir Sean Connery left BOND to descend into a string of half comical, quasi unbelievable riffs on Ian Fleming’s theme. Continue reading

Why I didn’t like BLUE VALENTINE


Blue Valebtines love, hate, desperation, manipulation and futility can kill your heart.

I realize good movies, well done films, don’t always leave you with a feel good moment or a highlight to stick into your memory. At the finish of Blue Valentine I staggered out of the theater, deeply saddened, almost wounded. I held in my stomach to help my liver as my empty heart peirced everything with loss. BLUE VALENTINE had done its job on me, not only reminded me of the futility of even the most fresh and hopeful relationship but of marriage, its uncertainty and rising pain from even the most fertile, loving soil.

Continue reading