Why I hated ROBOCOP

Is this Batman? is it boring? Yes, it's the bad robocop, close your eyes.Stop! Do not rent RoboCop, or even view it for free. Take away all the charm of the original ROBOCOP. All the quirky roles. Throw away a great performance from Peter Weller. Get rid of Weller’s fantastic voice skills and ingenious physical presence. Add a low level director in place of Paul Verhoeven, then sprinkle a few totally forgettable antagonists. And you have the most lackluster remake seen in many years. Ta da, magic, I mean disaster! Continue reading

Why I really hated HOMEFRONT

Stallone's Stathams Homefront is a Shambles of cliches

Welcome to another Sylvester Stallone debacle, HOMEFRONT. It looks like Stallone has managed to handcuff his EXPENDABLES co-star Jason Statham into one of his terrible expendable cliched movie scripts. And to add poison the icing on this fruit cake, Stallone directs, this predictable post mortem story that raises from the grave every sad banal movie trick. Like a retired magician pulling too many rabbits out of his weathered hat.

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Why I really hated I, FRANKENSTEIN

I, Frankenstein. The worse movie ever made? Why Aaron? WHY?So terrible. So useless a mishmash of CGI, bad script and flat acting, that I regret the 50 cents I spent on it at RedBox. I could have bought a donut. I could have taken the two quarters and buried them in the dirt. I would have had a more entertaining time watching the coins never bear fruit than the terrible confusing travesty of this film. The cast is pathetic. Aaron Eckhart is lost as I am bewildered as to what bizarre chain of events lead him to this empty wrestling CGI acrobatic acting abortion thrown against the ropes, falling sweaty to the mat over and over. Until you’re forced to stop your pain and press STOP. Continue reading

Why I hated THE BAG MAN

the bag man, john Cusack worse motel in america, with the weirdest hookersTHE BAG MAN is a broken wheel barrow of a movie filled with corpses and endtrails dragged reluctantly down a dirt highway by John Cusak with Robert Deniro greasing the wheels with slop. This is a filthy Motel pitstop for both actors, and neither of their reputations will survive. Desperate, and violent. A sodium vapor lit parade of relentlessly distasteful acts bereft of any quality other than derivative screenwriting and lazy acting.  Continue reading

Why I really hated THIS IS THE END

This is the End, these faces look like mine did watching this terrible movie.

This Is The End is an asinine, abortion of a movie. Frothed up from the pot addled minds of what is currently the so called comedic elite of modern actors. It’s filled with the A list of actors that should NEVER, EVER work in another movie as long as they are able bodied. It’s the end of the world judgment day script device, and what better place to spend it but in the house of the cheap art, cock obsessed, current ultimate slime ball James Franco. All the not funny, self involved LA reptiles are present playing themselves. And when the true Apocalypse arrives the awful truth of what we all already knew is revealed, these scumbags aren’t going to heaven. THIS IS THE END, is not funny, not interesting and not really even a movie, more like a joke told by drunk and high wannabes who can’t get a laugh no matter how hard they debase themselves. Continue reading