Arrival_Review_HeaderARRIVAL is a beautiful visual sonata to the movement of time and the experience of being human in a sublime emotional experience that is heart rending and fulfilling at the same time.

The fact that all this is managed in the Science Fiction genre is even more of a testimonial to a brilliant script and exceptional direction.

Amy Adam’s powerful depiction of learned professor of languages is captivating in it’s earnest femininity and startling intelligence as she is enlisted with little charm and more of an abrupt curt lure by the Army’s Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) to decipher the language of aliens that have landed on Earth.

Twelve strange half oval starships hover over the Earth’s surface engaging the most powerful nations as each super power struggles to communicate with the aliens.

Gravity is used a lot and it reflects the vast difference in language between the humans and the massive aliens. While the feuding governments push to decipher the aliens messaging all the time wary or projecting violence and fears of impending war, Amy struggles to perceive the beauty and peaceful intention of deeply complex language.

So complex in fact that learning the language changes the neurology of the mind and enables it to move through time. A brilliant example of how concepts and the frequency of thought can change reality and our lives.

This is one of the few reviews where I will NOT give spoilers or give explicit examples of what should be changed or how to solve the mistakes of a film.

Suffice it to say. This is a wonderful film and considering the alien subject matter still retains a deeply human perspective and is very moving and thought provoking.

This is a film you can see without reservation and enjoy immensely.





American Hustle glam crew sexy hot intelligent and real.

“Never took quarters from a phone booth? You stole. I just got bigger balls than you.” American Hustle is an incredible film. Christian Bale has redeemed himself and been elevated to the realm of De Niro. Anyone with a come over can now be proud. This is the film Scorsese should have made. American Hustle is a mind trip into a simpler past when people were more complex and human. And the Hustle was a dance and a way of life. Watch this film and experience a renaissance back to the golden age of cinema and why it is an art form. Continue reading


Finally my 50th post and I would like thank all the incredible people who held me back in life and kept this from being the 100th movie review post. God knows how many more people would have suffered from reading more of my personal diatribes, I keep spouting off. Dreaming of actually learning to write without foolish errors or poorly scribbled concepts while I denigrate others for no other reason than they were truly great enough to actually finish a film while I sit around complaining, eating chips and salsa while criticizing their dreams.

Onward…. more popcorn, not enough butter…  more red wine… press the play button already. Continue reading

Why I loved THE ROAD

The Road, Viggo and son, travel the road south

THE ROAD is a beautiful sonnet to all that is precious in the world today from the eyes of tomorrow looking back after the earth and it’s people have lost everything. There will be times in life when you lose all you have worked for, there will be no saving yourself and you will die. If you are lucky, you will have something beautiful to remember as you close your eyes. I am not that lucky but happily Viggo is.

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Why I loved HANGOVER 2

The syncopation of sublime slow camera moves through the world of the Hangover 2’s characters sliced into wild scenarios of action, clashing dialogue and constant reveals is engulfing and makes this a summer smash film to watch every summer. The pacing is perfect, the actors right on target with every nuance. It feels like you are watching their lives unfold right in front of you. A round of applause for Todd’s Philips once more taking a genre it seems like he invented and raising the bar in style and execution.

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Why I loved THE MASTER

the-master-nyTHE MASTER is a magnificent cinematic expression of humanity, our society and a stellar exhibition of talent and skill. I can objectify the film with adjectives for the purpose of this blog but I am pointing to an experience.

In order to review this film I will have to first go into a trance state and visit several of my past lives and find the one that best relates to the myriad of perspectives presented in THE MASTER.
This will only take a moment since time is irrelevant, you will feel nothing as I descend into the many personalities that I have experienced in the past and have forgotten.

I, on the other hand, will be feeling many different feelings… belief and disbelief, optimism and pessimism, hope, fear and deep depression, all from this film. Continue reading